Hello and thank you for visiting my page, thank you even more for taking the time to check out my bio. This tells me that it is important to you to know WHO is taking care of your hair. On the most basic level I am a certified Paul Mitchell color expert and hairstylist that has been serving the Muncie community for the past 17 years.

However, something tells me that you're looking for a lot more than just that. One thing I have noticed in my career, is that people can oftentimes be particular or even sensitive about their hair. I believe that is because hair is so closely tied to identity. Regardless of whether its cultural identity, gender identity, or any other aspect of Identity, hair is a form of self expression. Not only is it important to people to be who they are, it's also important for them to be perceived as who they are. What we do with our hair can be transformational. It can boost our confidence, refresh our spirits when we are in need of a change, and it can make us feel unique and adventurous when we want to be bold and stand out. This is why it is important to me to take the time to get to know my clients and to listen to what their wants and needs are.

From the beginning of my career it was important to me to be a hairstylist who is accessible to all people! So, I have spent my entire career pushing the bounds of my creativity and seeking out education and expanding my experience in all hair cultures, textures, styles, and trends. I have also worked hard to establish my chair as a safe space for all my clients to feel comfortable and welcome, including people with various levels of needs and abilities. I have developed all kinds of strategies to help assist my clients young and old who combat sensory overload and all the other things that can make the haircut experience overwhelming. I am a huge comic book geek and collector. I love nerding out with my clients when they are in my chair.  I have years of experience creating all kinds of fades, pixies, shags, long voluminous layers and every length in between. I have also helped many guys, gals, and nonbinary pals with the long to short and short to long transitions. I am very comfortable working with natural hair textures and chemically created hair textures. I am also one of the few locticians in the East Central Indiana area that has experience creating locs on both coarse and smooth hair textures. I am skilled with both the twist out and crochet methods and I am also experienced with microlocs and coloring locs.

I am the area's leading specialist in “outside the box” hair. I am a skilled artist that can etch designs and has hands-on experience with cutting edge experimental hair color technique and trends. In fact for the past several years I have been the Hair & Makeup Designer for many of the shows at the Muncie Civic Theater and the Burris High Schools’ Theater Program. My work with theater has allowed me the opportunity to stretch my creativity and create zombies, mermaids, monsters and various period pieces.

Hair has always been a creative and social outlet for me. I am proud that I have been able to use this passion to enrich not only my life but also the community around me! When my hands aren't tangled up in hair you will find me all over the community volunteering my time, energy, and resources, loving my community and trying to make the world a better place! I support many organizations that I really care about. I am the Executive Director of Muncie Pride and I volunteer and serve on the board for Muncie OUTreach, and The Soup Kitchen of Muncie. I am social/service chair for the Muncie young professionals and work with Barrier Free, a theater program for adults with mental and physical disabilities. My community has given me so much love and support and I am dedicated to do the same for my community! Thank you for taking the time to read this ridiculously long bio and get to know me better. I look forward to meeting you in person!

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